The Power in Receptivity


Up until recently I wasn’t very aware of how some people have energy that is very outward focused while others have energy that is inward focused. Then last week I had coffee with a friend and I noticed how, when she met someone, she would ask questions to learn more about that person. As the person answered, I occasionally made a comment or asked a question but I felt content to let my friend lead the discussion.

As I observed this pattern, I was struck by the differences in our energy. My friend’s energy was very outer focused and initiating while my energy felt more receptive and passive.

That my energy is passive and receptive isn’t a big surprise. As an introvert, I’ve always been more comfortable in this role. I prefer going deep and exploring inner landscapes.

I’ve had a hard time accepting my introversion and passivity because in business, passivity is a quality that is seen as a character defect that is worse than dishonesty … even social pathology. I worked with people who were considered “stars” and were diagnosed as bi-polar. They could scream, rant, and throw things, but were tolerated because they “got results.”

But I’ve become curious about my energy because I happen to believe each of us is here for a reason and to contribute in some way. This seems supported by many ancient teachings such as Yin and Yang which describes two opposite and complementary forces. The two forces together comprise a whole.

So in our culture which seems very Yang oriented; that male-oriented, “get out there and make things happen” way of holding things that Yin which is the inward, feminine, and yes, passive, energy would be desirable at some level, in fact, needed for healing and wholeness.

So I’m now very curious about Yin energy which seems to be my dominant energy and how I can honor it and contribute from this space. This is something I want to explore more.

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