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An Interesting Twist on the Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been doing quite an immersion in Martha Beck programs this week.

I’m listening to What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Creating Your Perfect Career. The first class, The Dark Forest of Career Confusion, looks at how we tend to respond physically and emotionally when the career we’re pursuing doesn’t fit our “essential self.” The essential self is the “nature” part of ourselves…our hard wiring.

When our current work isn’t in alignment with our essential self, we can feel like imposters no matter how good we are in the work we’re doing.

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Am I On-Track?


Sometimes I can chase a particular idea down a rabbit hole and get so caught up that I don’t notice I’m gotten completely off my intended path. Thank goodness I have people in my life who grab me by the belt before I completely disappear.

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The Power in Receptivity


Up until recently I wasn’t very aware of how some people have energy that is very outward focused while others have energy that is inward focused. Then last week I had coffee with a friend and I noticed how, when she met someone, she would ask questions to learn more about that person. As the person answered, I occasionally made a comment or asked a question but I felt content to let my friend lead the discussion.

As I observed this pattern, I was struck by the differences in our energy. My friend’s energy was very outer focused and initiating while my energy felt more receptive and passive.

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People are Not Resources


Someone once told me that they disliked the term, “human resources” because “people are not resources.”

I found that comment, “people are not resources” impossible to understand at the time because I was working for a large corporation in a management track position.  At the same time I couldn’t let it go. It was like one of those frustrating puzzles that you keep returning to in hopes of one day solving.

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