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And now for a little humor …


From the “File of Unnecessary Products.”

This morning I saw there are T-shirts with Cthulhu Xing signs.

Now if you enjoy horror and fantasy, you know that one day HP Lovecraft’s elder god of Pure Chaos and Terror will awake from deep within His Chamber and bring forth a ¬†New Age of Darkness.

So I ask you, does Cthulhu need a special crossing sign?

Deer? Yes they need a special crossing sign. Small children? Absolutely!. The deaf and blind? Most assuredly.

But when Cthulhu is crossing the road, you will stop no matter how fast you’re going. Not only will you stop but you will be immediately sent to a dimension of Pure Chaos and Horror courtesy of the Tentacled¬†One Himself.

So go ahead. Put the pedal to the metal because when Cthulhu is abroad every highway is taking you straight to Hell.


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