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Cartooning – 100 Pictograms

I’m doing the lessons in Ivan Brunetti’s wonderful book, Cartooning.  Last year I saw a cover Brunutti created for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I was hooked on his simple but highly expressive style.

This is exercise 1.3 which asks you to create 100 quick sketches based on whatever work or idea pops in your head spending no more than 5 seconds per drawing. Coming up with 100 drawings, even based on my stream of consciousness was a lot harder than I expected partly because I only drew things I thought I could draw competently.

Here’s the original:

Cartooning Exercise 1.3

Click here to see the full-sized picture.

And I used Photoshop to get the checkerboard effect which I think is really cool. (The book doesn’t encourage the use of the computer at the beginning but I liked Brunetti’s grid so much I had to try it).

Cartooning Exercise 1.3.2

Click here to view full-size document.



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Kute Koalas

I’m not usually into drawing cute animals. But this was the lesson for today.

Fuzzy balls:


And a kute koala with disproportionately large ears. He’s asking “Why did you make my ears so big, mate?” I added the “mate” because koalas are from Australia and I assume they’re thoughts would be in Aussie lingo.



If would be fun to draw some “badass” Koalas in biker gear. I may do that if I have time this weekend.

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