Day 18: Taking the Struggle Out of Life – Love or Lack?


As I continue to define the kind of business I want to have and my purpose for having a business, the tool I’m finding most helpful is to ask myself periodically, am I doing this from a place of Love or a place of Lack?

I created this card as a prompt to keep asking this question because it’s so important.

How This Question Reduces Struggle

Sometimes I’ve observed other business owners who seem endlessly driven to top their last achievement. They always have something they’re promoting. You attend their teleseminar and they’re inviting you to a mega live event. At the mega live event you find out they have some kind of inner mastermind circle you can join.

I know some of this is the marketing funnel at work but I also wondered “Why?” because many of these entrepreneurs are making great money. They don’t need to run after anything anymore.

Of course if I can spot it, I’ve got it. I can ask this question of myself: What is driving me so hard? What do I feel compelled to chase?

And that’s when I know I’m in a place of lack and being driven by the perception of lack hasn’t served me very well.

Lack comes from my ego telling me “If you accomplish this one thing, you’ll be worthy. You’ll finally be enough.”

The problem is when I accomplish that goal, my ego always has something else lined up for me to do. In fact I’m often depressed and anxious if I don’t have something to chase.

I’m not saying there’s anything bad or wrong about wanting to achieve something worthwhile. In fact I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with chasing stuff. We all do what we do because at the time, it feels like our best option.

I’m saying, for me, I’d like to live my life more in a place of love than a place of lack because when I’m in a place of lack I feel like I’m struggling. I feel like a greyhound chasing a mechanical rabbit. Winning never gets me what I really want which is to feel like I’m enough. What I really want is to feel whole because when I feel whole I feel happy and my heart feels full.

Everybody has a hungry heart (thank you Bruce Springsteen). You can feed your heart the spiritual equivalent of Skittles or you can feed your heart a bowl of homemade chili. In one case, you’re still hungry and you have a sugar hangover in the other case you’re happy and content.

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