1/30/13 Celebrate Successes!

 Colorful Balloons Tied with Ribbon

Successes large and small that I’m celebrating Today!

  1. My offers for: Magic Mojo Mondays! Free consultation, and newsletter subscriptions are up and ready.
  2. Completed aerobics on the elliptical.
  3. Had a great consultation with Ashi on how to make my office space one which I really love working in. Reminded me of how important workspace is to my overall happiness and success.
  4. Saying goodbye to the shoeboxes that have been sitting in the attic now for months.
  5. Had a great consultation session with Keli Conci (Krazy K)!
  6. Final image from Randy Wall is in so my website is now this much closer to being complete!
  7. Very powerful session with Kristin Luce asking the question “Who would I be and how would I show up if I didn’t have the thought: “I need people to ‘get’ me.” Helped me realize how much more effective I am when whether or not people really “get” me. It’s the difference between having resistance and simply being in knowing because when I don’t need people to get me I can be in allowance of them. It’s incredibly freeing!
  8. About halfway through the third CD of Your Wish is Your Command. Learning a lot of useful shit.
  9. Part of me is angry with myself for wasting so much time this morning. I’m going to celebrate the fact that I still have 3 1/2 hours to work and that I stopped messing around when I did.

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