1/236/13 Celebrate Successes!


Successes large and small that I’m celebrating Today!

  1. Matt passed his permit exam and has his Learner’s Permit! This isn’t my success, it’s really his. He studied and prepared for it. The celebration on my end is moving patiently through the multiple steps at the DMV office. It’s not AWFUL but there’s a lot of room for improving the experience that’s for sure. Let’s just say if I were to focus on how to make the experience a joyous one it would be an interesting challenge for me and a lot of people. Although on the other hand I’ll be for many people, the experience is a million times better than perhaps how they were treated in their native country.
  2. Didn’t eat candy as my snack.
  3. Stopped at one cocktail last night.
  4. Yesterday was a restful day which my mind and body were really demanding. Didn’t do any work. Didn’t respond to email or read email. It was a day OFF.
  5. My information product is beginning to create itself. I LOVE when that happens.
  6. The images Randy Wall created for my new website are so spot on perfect. I’ve received wonderful feedback on my comic book alter ego. It’s so gratifying when something I envisioned becomes the real thing.
  7. Had a very productive session with my biz coach George Ira Carroll on moving forward with my one-on-one coaching offers. Filled in some gaps and gave me information and advice that will keep me in momentum.
  8. It’s feeling like I’ll be creating my information product systematically by writing articles. So each article will turn into a chunk of the product. This feels good because each article will offer some value to subscribers, gives me a way to get input, and allows me to make progress as I create the product.
  9. My discomfort as I read updates on the network marketing programs I’ve signed up for. I usually don’t see discomfort as something to celebrate and at the same time I’m celebrating my willingness to be curious and ask “what am I learning about who I am” from the emotions I’m experiencing.
  10. Got all my errands and groceries completed on Thursday.

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