Day 10: Kicking the Online Shopping Habit

Oops! Road SignIs this a slip?

A couple days ago I purchased a software application to convert videos so I can play them on my iPhone. The newest version of IOS requires a different file format and videos that I could previous play on my iPhone no longer worked.

I did some research and found an application that did what I needed, bought the application online, downloaded it and began using it. The whole process took less than an hour and the software itself cost $35.

This felt reasonable to me. It feels different from what I would call addictive shopping: spending hours searching for a particular item before buying it. I haven’t been struggling since then with the urge to buy more.

My husband and son disagreed.

My intuition and past experience tells me I didn’t slip. But I think this is one of those things in which time tells.

One other thing to mention. Yesterday I received the last item I had ordered via online shopping. Sometimes I can stop buying things online while things are arriving. But after a week or so of not getting new items, I’ll feel justified in buying a “little something extra” because I’ve been “good.”

So perhaps the real challenge will be whether I can continue after not receiving shipments?


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