1/28/13 Daily Vitamin G(ratitude)

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Things I’m truly grateful for today:

  1. Not feeling the dread I usually feel on Monday mornings. As I’m learning more about alignment of goals I have a greater sense of control over the projects I take on and how I feel about them. I also feel less responsible for outcomes and this lowers the pressure on me to “make stuff succeed.”
  2. Wearing a comfortable pair of pants. For some reason I’m wanting to wear softer more flowing things lately after wearing so many pairs of skinny jeans.
  3. Got a really good night’s sleep last night.
  4. Minimal junk food yesterday.
  5. My physical health because if I don’t feel well physically nothing else is really possible.
  6. I can read books on my iPhone.
  7. I have a little reading light that uses a single LED. It gives me enough light to read a book but Michael can still sleep and not be bothered by the light
  8. Michael is healthy.
  9. Matt is healthy.
  10. My cats Inky and Gus are healthy.
  11. Matt is doing well in school on his own. He cares about his grades and works at them.

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