12/10/12 Reasons to Celebrate

Lots of things to be celebrating today!

  1. Got Instagram and Flickr working together and now my camera pix can instantly upload to social media sites like Facebook
  2. Got out and bought groceries for the family
  3. Connected on Facebook with people I met at the Self-confidence and Radical Appreciation seminar last week. I’m happy because I like staying in touch with people who intrigue and inspire me.
  4. Bought a couple red cashmere sweaters from Lands End. I was bummed because my red cotton sweater got snagged and looks like it’s not going to be easy to repair it. But the cashmere sweaters will be even prettier and more luxurious.
  5. Bought a great pair of black ponte skinny pants. Tunics and leggings are my day to day uniform so having a good pair of black skinny pants is always a win for me.
  6. Got on the elliptical yesterday and worked out for 30 minutes.
  7. Replaced the battery in my pedometer. This was a “toleration” which was really bugging me and I’m pleased that it’s checked off my list.
  8. Sent two envelopes full of stuff to Shoeboxed for scanning. Shoebox has made it possible for me to eliminate paper and paper files and saves me a shit load of time.
  9. Today is 90% open time which means I can play with some creative ideas and projects.
  10. Bought Christmas gifts for Mike and Matt and that’s pretty much my Christmas shopping done!
  11. Spent several hours yesterday just going through magazines and catalogs and being inspired by clothes and furnishings I like.

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