1/20/13 Daily Vitamin G(ratitude)

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Things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Got outside and took a walk in the part with Michael.
  2. Amazon.com makes returns easy. So I can return the scanner that isn’t working and buy a replacement.
  3. Beautiful warm, sunny day.
  4. Listening to the program “Systematic Manifesting” which gives me a different perspective on clearing subconscious beliefs that may be holding me down from taking action or taking inspired action.
  5. Completed yesterday’s Magic Mojo Money Box program with 3 participants.
  6. Had the insight that if I continue doing live events, it’s important to find a venue offering food and beverages.  I love the Awakening Center and at the same time it’s a lot of work to bring and set up refreshments and supplies.
  7. When I got home I immediately went through all my boxes, bags and folders and put stuff away. In the past I’ve tended to leave things from my programs scattered all over the house and it feels kind of chaotic. It was worth taking an hour to go through things and put things where I can find them for the next program.
  8. I organized all the pens, bags, clips, etc so they’re not scattered all over my desk.
  9. I’m alive!
  10. Slept nice and late today. That felt soo good.
  11. Despite eating what seemed like tons of junk food by day yesterday worked out pretty well calorie-wise.

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