1/15/13 Things to Celebrate!


Stuff I’m celebrating today:

  1. Got a shit-load of work done yesterday while at the airport and on the plane. Yeah!!
  2. Yesterday evening I unpacked and put everything away. I love doing this because I don’t have a half-filled suitcase sitting in my bedroom for weeks. It feels so cluttered.
  3. Did my strength-building exercises yesterday which I usually blow off.
  4. Cleaned the attic space.
  5. Return trip to Denver was un-eventful.
  6. Mike and I got to sit together on the plane.
  7. Have the outline for my new information product up and ready to work on.
  8. Another person has signed up for the Mojo Money Box event!
  9. Got a great idea for promoting Simply Irresistible in February.
  10. The website redesign is moving along.

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