11/28/12 Reasons to Celebrate

Things to celebrate today:

  1. I created a video yesterday to promote the Mojo Money Box play shop! Pretty decent. With a soundtrack and everything!
  2. Wrote an article for my ezine and then realized the ezine isn’t due to come out until next week! Always so nice to be ahead of schedule.
  3. Had a great coaching session with my coach, George Ira Carroll. I’m chipping away at my resistance to promoting myself. I didn’t realize how much I had. It feels pretty daunting because there are a lot of protective layers I’ve put up over the years. Wow.
  4. I came up with a metaphor for my business which I like: an eclectic boutique filled with all sorts of wonderful, unusual things you can’t find anywhere else. There are novelties, games, comic books, cartoons, clothing, and how-to manuals. Some things are just for fun, some things are super practical and some are a little of both. I love the boutique idea because it feels more fun and real than simply being a service-based business.
  5. While listening to Access Consciousness Level 1 I caught something that really inspired me. Gary Douglas said in order to grow our business we need to let the business do the work. Wow. This fits so nicely into what I learned from Mark Silver about the business being it’s own creation with it’s own consciousness. I have such a feeling of relief. I would love for my business to do the heavy lifting!!! One of my plans for today is to spend time with my business and ask her what she wants to be and how I can empower her to grow. This is a very exciting concept to me!!!


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  1. Greetings! Just want to make sure you’re aware of the first Big Joy Project – started in November 2008.

    With all best,

    Stephen Silha
    Executive Producer
    Big Joy Project/ Frisky Divinity Productions

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